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     canyon news - 10/6/10  Shadow and Act interview - May 2012
     canyon news - 2/26/10  Hillard Co-Produces the TV Pilot "Mouthpiece"
     broadway world - 2/23/10  Hilliard's Horror Screenplay Wins Top Honor!            
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The Reel Black List: Hilliard Guess, Writer on the Syfy hit series, DEADLY CLASS  

The Mick Betancourt Show: Hilliard Guess (2nd Appearance) 

The Break it Down Show: Hilliard Guess (2nd Appearance) 
HEY! WE ALL HAD TO START SOMEWHERE: interview w/ Hilliard Guess
ON THE PAGE" PODCAST: EP #371 - "Black Characters on Screen"
Screenplay Festival - Grand Prize Winner
30 Miles From Nowhere